There is this thing. I make something for the first time, following - more or less - a recipe. And then my imagination takes over and starts producing alternative realities. Spin-offs. And thus it goes or runs, rather...

Take hummus. You'd think nothing can go wrong with that. It is a simple enough recipe, without getting into whether the chickpeas should be peeled or not. Hard to mess about with. In principle.

But I reduced the garlic bit drastically. And then I added dried porcini powder. And failed to add lemon juice. Not to mention that cumin was blissfully omitted. The result is hummus-y - in that it is still made of puréed chick peas and tahini paste - but has nothing to do with your average middle oriental fare. A were-hummus of some sort.

Still very nice on toasted bread, though...

Not your average hummus


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