Well, my newspaper is in digital form so no luck there.
When I was told that Tricolore's next Sunday lesson & lunch was fish and chips, I was rather reluctant at first.
I don't eat much fried food - I can't digest most of it - so why learn to cook it? Besides, my Love isn't exactly fond of fish either...

Finished dish! (no newspaper!)

But, hey, that was a challenge.

So why not? )

Yesterday I had booked myself for a lesson in beetroot gnocchi at Tricolore, that wondrous place with the croissants and incredibly photogenic (tasty too) bread .

Once cooked, the gnocchi were sautéed with turbot and leeks. And eaten with much satisfaction.

The class was fun, there were only five of us students and the two chefs, so we had plenty of room around the cooking island and on the marble countertop.

Tasty details )



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