I should be writing my NaNo novel.
So OF COURSE I am feeling the pull to write you another blog about Dublin.

One of the first thing I did when getting there was to go look for Oscar Wilde's memorial.
I could say that unfortunately I found it...

The statue is actually remarkable in that it is built using different stones, to render the colours of his costume. But it is a trifle gaudy.

But wait! There is more! )

The novel is doing very well. Thank you for asking.
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( Oct. 20th, 2010 07:12 pm)
A day late, as I somehow managed to miss my plane yesterday.
Some parts of my brain got hooked on Guiness and mutinied, put a Jedi-like spell on my number reading abilities (a rather overkill, I am bad enough at numbers in general), causing me to believe my plane was at 19:00. I was so adamant that I never checked (I normally do. Repeatedly.)
It was at 17:00. Enough said.
Funny enough, the taxi driver I met this morning thought I had been delayed by the strikes in France...

There will be pictures and possibly some type of travelogue later on but in the mean time - and time feels quite mean right now - I'll leave you with a forbidden picture of the lovely spiral staircase in Trinity College Long Room.

Trinity College - The Long Room


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