Yet another exciting adventure of the Gourmet Club!
i.e. Expect food porn galore ahead.

No picture of the three brothers but I love their story:
Their parents decided to have a farm (in the area of Arezzo, in Tuscany) and decided that it should be an organic farm. Way before it became fashionable. And not only that, but they also decided to apply biodynamics, based on a theory developped by Steiner in the 1920's. Although it is a lot based on old farming knowledge and wisdom (using the lunar phases, for instance), such knowledge had gone a little lost in the quest for "modernity", that two headed monster that appears to smile upon us while poisoning our worls at the same time.
Thus was Fattoria La Vialla born.

A generation further down the line and the farm boasts - and with reason - of having excellent products while achieving a negative CO2 footprint  (and not a tiny negative impact either, the assessment performed shows that "Overall, the La Vialla farm has a negative CO2 footprint and annually achieves the storage of 1.971.495.69 Kg of CO2eq")!
Do read the whole report, it is fascinating.

For this reason, they had been invited to the Copenhagen summit last year, where our Earth Observation Director discovered them and subsequently invited them for a visit at ESRIN, to present their products.

And yesterday evening, they did. )

Evviva La Vialla!

Which is yet another culinary adventure of the Gourmet Club…

This time we went to Giuda Ballerino (in Rome proper, near Cinecitta) to delight in the superb food served there as well as to meet and greet some of the wines made by Josko Gravner.


The outing was a real pleasure for the senses )

Yesterday evening there was yet another wine tasting session with the Gourmet Club at work and, since it is summer, what could be better than a nice assortment of white wines?

The wines presented were coming from four different producers, two from southern Italy (Puglia and Abruzzo) and two from the north (both from the Friuli region).

Let's have a look at the contestants:


Hereunder a few notes and more pictures. )




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