I could try to blame it on my love, who undertook to geometrically demonstrate Pythagoras' theorem at breakfast (06:30). I'd never see it done - at school they just tell you the theorem and that's it - so it might have influenced me.

Or I could blame it on Gibbon (since I've been reading a volume of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire this week). After all he's the one that claims that the name of the Italian region of Friuli comes from Forum Julii. And I have my own Caesar at home.

Or just give to Caesar what is due to Caesar. That is: to my friend Rossella, who has decided to spread the word about a triangular delicacy from Friuli - since that's where she's from - and organize a contest about it. That is about blecs (aka triangular delicacy).

Facts remain:
I made blecs
They were delicious.
You can easily make them too.

Blecs con porri e ciauscolo

Recipe and more pictures )



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