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( Apr. 15th, 2012 06:26 pm)

A little treat – the perfect detox food – for the vegetarian and vegans among us. And for vegetable lovers all around.
This dish is simple but rely on fresh vegetables. As such it can only be made for a couple of weeks as it calls for the fragile collaboration of winter’s last artichokes and spring first harvest of fava beans and peas.


The recipe itself is simple – clean and slice all the vegetables and cook them like a green version of the Ratatouille – but, due to the variety of greens involved, quite labour intensive. However, I can promise you the result is well worth the time spent on preparation work.
There are no real rules about what goes in or not and how much and for how long you should cook it: it’s all a matter of personal taste and – of course – of availability on the market.

What it requires (roughly) – or rather what I used for mine: )



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