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( Apr. 30th, 2012 07:25 pm)
I don’t care much about you
Headache of mine
So poignant, so whiny,
So eager to be at the centre
Of attention.

You are tacky and loud
Flashing lights and darkness
On the inside of my eyelids
Sneaky and snarky and mean
The centre of a tension

Thrumming inept tunes
Binary bass across my brain
Synapses all aching and trembling
A painful wobbling jelly
Readying for eruption

Have a heart for my elder cells
They can’t handle all that much
All that modern pulsating noise
That wild Pollocking of the senses
All that grey corrosive fission.

There must be a mistake
An accident, some confusion
We’re only together in this very same skull
Because of some dreadful

Headache of mine
It’s nothing too personal
Yet I do not want you to start a tradition
I don’t care much about you at all
And you barged in without an invitation.

Via degli Ausoni


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