Noah Eli Gordon gave us no less than 10 prompt to work with (many I found impractical as being time consuming).
This is the one I have selected:

Write a poem comprised of a single sentence, spread across at least seven lines of no fewer than five words each. Repeat one of your lines three times, but not in succession. Include the following:
the phrase “as when the”
a scientific term
a flower’s proper name
the name of a country in South America
a person’s proper name
the phrase “which is to say”
something improper

Magnolia Grandiflora

April, too warm for words apart from
perihelion - which is to say earth and sun
behaving like twats in love -
a common occurrence as welcome as
the blooming of Magnolia Grandiflora
amongst flotsams of Panama papers or
as when the dream was my meeting with David Bowie
alive still and well behind the counter at
my local bakery at the time all the old ladies
in the neighbourhood turned into stray cats
at the blink of his screwed-up eye.


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