Ô foetal foliage moat,
Ultimate fatigue of Tao,
Ogle a glum moulage,
A late gloat to eulogia,
Futile toil of a tout mule!

Aim at me, go and flame out
Mottle a toluate mole golem,
Flog gilt famuli, if a game!
To gloat at motile fuel,
Get a film, a foil, a foal!

Flit to a filemot gulf,
Guttle glue of aiglet floe.
Ô foul galliot, foam flotage
Glam loam, lame matelot:
Go afoul to fit a metal male.

“Select a name from one of your newspaper articles, famous or not. Compose a poem using only words that can be made from the letters in that person’s name.”

I have used Scrabble Word Finder to play with Giulia Timofte.

Beau Present

From: (Anonymous)

Beau Present Partering

I think the "metal male" will find its metametal mate in my variation of today's challenge. Great sound and power building up at the finish!


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