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2011-04-23 06:50 pm

Things in the future

This is becoming real.

This too:

Chocolate and pistachios brownies

Have a great chocolate weekend!
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2011-04-06 09:13 pm

Drinking your health...

I am currently away and eating too much at my parents'.
Thinking of you.

La Noiraude - Bière blanche de Lorraine

In other news:

Propeller planes sound just like angry bumblebees. Gravity challenged angry bumblebees. Bald gravity challenged angry bumblebees.
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2011-02-18 10:41 pm

Bloody spammers

Dear all of you (and there is rather a lot of you)

If you think I have been sending you email with weird attachments or links don't click on them!
My account has been hacked again (no subject or subject "spacedlawyer".
This type of things happens a lot at work but I can't really see it because of our spam filters. My email contacts being spammed annoys me to no extent.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
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2010-10-14 11:27 am

Skiving off to Dublin for a few days...

As from tomorrow.

Little Irish poppet is ready for Dublin

And at a decent time too!
Behave. Or not.
Why should you? I certainly do not plan to.