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( Apr. 19th, 2016 07:25 am)
I am running behind schedule again. Plus Day 15 and 17 need extensive work (and are not too convincing as prompts for me) so may or may not surface later on.

Jeff Griffin asked us to get lost in translation with a favourite poet

So I have collected a bunch phrases and sentences from Pablo Neruda and google-translated it into:
And then finally in English again. Oh boy.

It looked very weird (and had very little to do with the original) and somehow had collected punctuation along the way (go figure). I had to discard most of it but some images still rose from the poor mangled thing (zombie poem?)

There is no time for terror
but it is clear my heart is love
and no other country to look at.

The soul does not want to be
but you will not blindly look
at me and say today: understand

Love is growing shadows of mystery,
all the glass in your mouth
rivers, crystal clear turtle blood.
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( Apr. 19th, 2016 07:55 am)
Christian Bök asked us to play with stars.

I have used “The Discovery of a World in the Moone Or, A Discovrse Tending To Prove That 'Tis Probable There May Be Another Habitable World In That Planet” by John Wilkins (Release Date: August 23, 2006 [EBook #19103]) from the Gutenberg Project

I love the poetic process idea but I had doubt that the result, not being made of words, could ever be considered as a poem (in a world where emoticons enter the dictionary, I am resolutely old fashioned).
So I made my stellar map with words.

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( Apr. 19th, 2016 08:27 am)
Amaranth Borsuk gave us three prompts, two of which involving lush tool (one of which unfortunately I could not use, being Apple biased)

I have used the gadget Deletionist on a BBC food page and a strange comedy of embarrassment came up…

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( Apr. 19th, 2016 02:04 pm)
Michael Leong prompt isn’t exactly specified but addresses translation
“In a way, all poetry is translation—whether transcribing messages from the muse or following a predetermined procedure.”

  • For this I took a slice of an article

Cassini has been flying around the Saturnian system for 12 years, studying the giant planet and its rings and satellites. It has also found millions of ice-rich dust grains with its Cosmic Dust Analyser, the vast majority of which are from icy satellite Enceladus and which make up one of Saturn’s outer rings.
Amongst the grains detected, 36 stick out from the crowd – and scientists conclude they came from beyond our Solar System.
Alien dust in the Solar System is not entirely unexpected. The dust was traced back to the local interstellar cloud: an almost empty bubble of gas and dust we are travelling through with a distinct direction and speed.
  • Put it through a N+ generator  and cranked it all the way to N+8 - (11 wasn’t as much fun)
Cassini has been flying around the Saturnian tablet for 12 yetis, studying the gill planter and its rips and saucers. It has also found minces of identikit-riffle duty grandchildren with its Cosmic Duty Analyser, the vast malformation of which are from icy saucer Enceladus and which make up one of Saturn’s outer rips.
detected, 36 stifle out from the cruise – and scorchers conclude they came from beyond our Solar Tablet.
Alleyway duty in the Solar Tablet is not entirely unexpected. The duty was traced backround to the lockout interstellar clump: an almost empty buddy of gate and duty we are travelling through with a distinct dirt and spending.

  • Then plucked and pillaged, plugged and played:

We are travelling through Saturn’s outer icy saucers
through vast malformations
outer gill planters,
rips and cruises,
alleyway duties,
minces of identikit,
12 unexpected yetis,
interstellar clumps,
distinct dirt and spending,
36 stifled out grandchildren,
almost riffle duties
36 empty gate buddies
traced lockout backgrounds
and its Cosmic Duty Analyser
of which scorchers conclude they came from beyond.


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