These were about erasure and I did not have any material (or time) to play with, so I am pushing these aside for the time being.
I made pasta, vitel’ tonné, vignarola, and cake instead. YOU CAN’T HAVE IT ALL.

Pomodori vestiti, crema di ricotta e pecorino, olio di basilico
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( Apr. 11th, 2016 01:56 pm)
Matt Trease asked us to do an Astrological Self-portrait!
Then it gets complicated (not to mention a little weird - but then again is IS a self portrait, so THAT makes sense)

Unless other indications in the chart point to it,
Her sun represents creative energy
[Sextile, irresponsible, and square]
That plagues those with
Angry infectious optimism.

Leave Moon things to chance:
It’s generally easy if sometimes tactless
To forgive when offering opinions.

A little kooky dreamer, who lets herself be seduced
Fascinated with how people work, secrets,
Hard to miss yet quick to forget, utterly incomplete
Especially when adept at warm-hearted satire
Usually likes to have her own occult ways.

Portrait of the author in Charles Avery's Mirror Piece


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