I think we've all got these types of emails. That and the penis enlargement ones.
Regardless of our sex or sexual preferences, obviously.
Just like we all get [insert African state here] scams regardless of the state of our bank account.

But it so happens hot dates are good.
Just mind that you don't burn your tongue on them.
[insert salacious emoji here]

Hot dates

Use un-pitted dates, preferably medjool.
In a pan or skillet heat up some olive oil.
Crumble some dried chili in it (to taste).
Add the dates and let them plump a bit and get warm (about 5 minutes). Mind that they don't burn.
Drain them in a bowl, sprinkle with salt flakes (smoked salt flakes are great if you have them)
Sprinkle them with a little grated zest of orange and lemon.

Wait until just warmish
Enjoy with a glass of wine (or your favourite aperitif drink)

Hot dates
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