Jenni B Baker challenged us into music.
It was a fun idea but the actual making of the score is too complex fro me to wrap my mind around (also I have actual work to do and plenty)
So I followed all the steps until step 3, starting from a slice of "THE LOST ATLANTIS AND OTHER ETHNOGRAPHIC STUDIES" by one Sir DANIEL WILSON, pilfered from the Gutenberg Project.

This is my slice:
"It is to be noted that even in the time of Socrates, and indeed of the elder Critias, this Atlantis was referred to as the vague and inconsistent tradition of a remote past; though not more inconsistent than much else which the cultured Greeks were accustomed to receive. Mr. Hyde Clarke, in an “Examination of the Legend,” printed in the Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, arrives at the conclusion that Atlantis was the name of the king rather than of the dominion. But king and kingdom have ever been liable to be referred to under a common designation. According to the account in the Timæus, Atlantis was a continent lying over against the Pillars of Hercules, greater in extent than Libya and Asia combined; the highway to other islands and to a great ocean, of which the Mediterranean Sea was a mere harbour. But in the vagueness of all geographical knowledge in the days of Socrates and of Plato, this Atlantic domain is confused with some Iberian or western African power, which is stated to have been arrayed against Egypt, Hellas, and all the countries bordering on the Mediterranean Sea. The knowledge even of the western Mediterranean was then very imperfect; and, to the ancient Greek, the West was a region of vague mystery which sufficed for the localisation of all his fondest imaginings. There, on the far horizon, Homer pictured the Elysian plain, where, under a serene sky, the favourites of Zeus enjoyed eternal felicity; Hesiod assigned the abode of departed heroes to the Happy Isles beyond the western waters that engirdled Europe; and Seneca foretold that that mysterious ocean would yet disclose an unknown world which it then kept concealed. To the ancients, Elysium ever lay beyond the setting sun; and the Hesperia of the Greeks, as their geographical knowledge increased, continued to recede before them into the unexplored west.

And these are the crumbs:

and Atlantis as and a accustomed an arrives at Atlantis and a According account Atlantis a against and Asia and a a all and Atlantic African arrayed against and all and ancient a all a assigned abode and an ancients and as

be But been be But been bordering beyond beyond before

Critias cultured Clarke conclusion common continent combined confused countries concealed continued

dominion designation days domain departed disclose

even elder else Examination ever extent Egypt even Elysian enjoyed eternal engirdled Europe Elysium ever

for fondest far favourites felicity foretold

Greeks greater great geographical Greek Greeks geographical

So this is my path:

And and and
All ancient as an all A
Confused countries
Even ever engirdled elder
But been beyond
For fondest felicity
Against again against
Be but be
Great! Greater! Greek!

I don't believe it would be even remotely interesting as music (except, maybe, as words sung when drunk), so I'll leave it at that.
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