For inspiration, Sennah Yee asked us to browse travel websites and write down any words/phrases that interest you: descriptions and/or customer reviews of resorts, landmarks, attractions, hotels, restaurants, etc.

I have used the following sites for this:

And my wanderlust brought me this:

It's amazing some people still think you need to fly before moving on and gaining acclaim with 2 balls that should be there but aren't, sailings in winter that take their name from a brothel, a smattering of lime green, either standard with washbasin or drawing inspiration from around the world. There you can relax, basking in the apparent contradiction that are small shareable plates or at a barbershop that’s so old-timey that they ban women but sometimes has an allocation of berths - the really tall and nice ones with a few wrinkles to iron out - which must be the least fêted war memorials in the world.

You thought virtual reality was a 21st century discovery? You might simply prefer a relaxing journey at a taxidermized haven assaulting the senses with aromatic spices. Bring your own bottle of wine if you like - and a pipe led from the ear - or stay for the all-Burgundy wine list but note that passengers are not carried

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