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Robert Fitterman asked us to collect found language from individuals who articulate how they feel, specifically, in their bodies…physical symptoms in the body (neck, head, stomach, feet, etc).

I thought it was going to be more difficult to collect this but luckily enough, there were plenty of colleagues with pains and dramas, to whom I have added one Instagram complaint and one Twitter rant.

Try to…
In an eye opening moment
I can’t see for the cold
You’ve been there for sure?
The burn beneath the skin.
Start to…
That stupid foot hurts, chemically,
Some type of low fever behind the eyes
toxin load-wise out of the fucking blue ways
Stomach not happy last night
It could be…
This getting stuck moment
A turn and this cannot age, I know
One hell of an emotional heart
Like it has been sand blasted from the inside.
You still get…
And there is this huge void
The fear that there is blood everywhere
The left side of you refuses to talk to the other one
But the cramps keep on coming
I get up and…
I'm not doing too badly
Everything spins of this freaking pain flare
The ball of my right foot is aflame
Feeling nauseous mostly.

The healthy stuff
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