Today'prompt is from Collier Nogues. It calls for a bit of spam or official letters and for a handful of poems.

I have plenty of terse official sounding writing in the office but, right now, I am at home having tea.
So I made do with spam from AirBnB and used wonderful images from Rachel's "Left Writing" to replace the boring nouns in the spam mail. 

The original bore:

Our business and our community have grown significantly in the last year, so we’re updating our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. We’ve also updated our payments terms and moved them from the Terms of Service into a new Payments Terms of Service. These changes will be effective for all existing customers by THu. 


Monologue and angels 
Have grown significantly in our wrinkled script, 
Flaws updating stream of dreams 
And heroine nightmares.
Concentration headaches 
Have also edited our prose wonderland
Moved them from candlelights 
Into a new fire of streamlined brains.
These pebbles will be effective for all existing nightmares by Thursday.



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